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I offer a free sample line edit to new clients who want to “test drive” my services. Send me 4-5 representative pages from your manuscript (1000-1250 words), and I will send back my recommended edits. (There isn't an equivalent sample edit for developmental edits, but I will send back my initial thoughts.) If you decide we’d make a good team, I can continue with the rest of your manuscript at the rates below.


Fees are calculated on a per-project basis, and they vary depending on the type of editing you hire me to do. (For a description of the different types of editing, please see the Services page.) I will review your document and give you a binding quote before work begins. To give you a general idea of cost, the following are starting per-word fees for the different types of edits. Your actual fee could be higher depending on the condition of your manuscript and the details of the work we agree to.


Manuscript Evaluation: $.025/word

Manuscript Review: $.019/word

Great Start Review: $300 flat fee for first three chapters (up to 10,000 words; above that, add $.023/word. NOTE: This is for the first three chapters, not for the first 10,000 words of your book.)

Line Edit and Mini Line Edit: $.02/word

Copy Edit: $.015/word

Line Edit Plus: $.026/word (save 25% compared to purchasing a line edit and a copy edit separately!)


Payment is accepted by PayPal, check, or credit card (through PayPal - no PayPal account required). For all services, a 25% deposit will be due to schedule your project on my calendar. For line editing and copy editing, another 40% is due after completion of the first pass with the balance due after editing is completed. (The majority of the work in a line edit comes in the first pass. That is why I bill for more than half the fee when I am "halfway" through the edit.) For developmental edits, manuscript reviews, and the Great Start Review, an additional 25% is due before work begins with the remainder due at the completion of the edit.

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